Friday, August 4, 2017

Kuta's Fishing Port and Market

Men push an outrigger fishing canoe up onto the beach in Jimbaran, Kuta, Bali. These tiny canoes stay out overnight on the Indian Ocean.  

I went to another fishing port on Bali. Jimbaran Beach is just south of Bali's international airport. Up until the 1980s, it was a quiet village best known for its fishing fleet and excellent seafood market. But things change and development came to Jimbaran. It's a really nice beach - beautiful white sand, gently sloping, swimmable in the middle and surfable on the edges - and now hotels ring the perimeter of the beach and restaurants line the beach. The middle of the beach though still retains its original charm. Outrigger fishing canoes line the beach and a very active fish market clings to the center of the beach. 
A vender in the seafood market cuts up a fish for a customer. 

The best time to see the traditional side of Jimbaran Beach, as it originally was, is very early in the morning. From before sunrise until about 9:00AM. That's when the traditional fishermen rule, and tourists, for the few who venture out at the hour, are watching the fishermen and wandering through the market. 
A woman sells fish on the beach early in the day. 

I can't help but wonder how long the fishing industry can hang on in Jimbaran. I am not a beach person, but even I have to agree that Jimbaran is a beautiful beach. At some point the land will be more valuable as a tourist haven than it is a fisherman's home.

A traditional fisherman repairs his nets on the beach. 

I got to the beach well before sunrise and it was already an active scene. Fishermen, in their tiny outriggers, were coming back to shore, while tenders went back and forth from trawlers to shore bringing crewmen and fish back to the beach and taking new crewmen and tools out to the trawlers. It was a fascinating scene. 
Crewmen in a crowded outrigger canoe come back to shore from a trawler. 

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