Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Black and White on Bali

A farmer uses oxen to till his fields in Jembrana. The Indian Ocean is in the distance. (Pen-F, 25mm f1.8, ISO100, f1.8@1/8000th) 

Bali is not a place I would associate with black and white photography. The island's color palette is extraordinary and when I photograph on Bali I am thinking in color. But on the drive back to Ubud from the buffalo races in Jembrana I carried my Pen-F instead of an E-M1 Mark II. I always shoot RAW+JPEG and with the Pen-F, the JPEGs are monochrome, using my sort of Ilford HP5 simulation. 
A tunnel. Through a tree. On the highway in Pekutatan, Jembrana, Bali. (Pen-F, 17mm f1.8, ISO200 f1.8 @1/640th)

I was able to make a few photos as we made occasional stops on our drive through paradise. 

One of the advantages of RAW+JPEG is that I still have the color RAW files for commercial use if I want to go that way. With the top photo, of the farmer tilling his field, the color was also very nice, but the color versions of the photo above, the tree, were not very good. I processed the rice field in color but not the tree. 
In Ubud, a rice field hemmed in by construction. This picture worked well in color. (Pen-F, 17mm f1.8, ISO200, f3.2 @1/5000th)

When I use my E-M1 Mark II bodies, which is most of the time, the JPEGs I shoot are for Instagram. I archive and develop the .orf (raw) files, but I discard the JPEGs when I reformat the cards. The E-M1 Mark II is a great camera but it doesn't have the degree of customization of JPEGs that the Pen-F does, specifically the monochrome grain simulation settings. That seems to be a feature Olympus is reserving for the Pen-F. I like the grain simulation. It gives extra texture, for the lack of a better word, to the photos. 

Still in Ubud, I went out to photograph kite flyers. It was a sort of overcast day, so I stayed with the Pen-F and BW JPEGs. (Photo of Superman with his kite, 45mm f1.8, ISO200, f1.8@1/5000th. Photo of family on motorbike, 17mm f1.8, ISO200, f1.8@1/160th) 

Full sized Black and White and Color versions of the photos are in the Bali (All) gallery in my archive. I will be doing a mini-review of the E-M1 Mark II in a couple of weeks. What I like about it (almost everything), and what disappoints me (very, very little). 

Finally, most of the photos in my archive are available for editorial use or self fulfillment as prints. If you see something you'd like to use or just hang on the wall, click on the "Add to Cart" button and follow the onscreen prompts.