Monday, May 1, 2017

May Day in Minnesota

Immigrants' rights supporters in the Minnesota State Capitol. 

Hundreds of immigrants' and workers' rights supported came to the Minnesota State Capitol in St. Paul on May Day to demonstrate against attacks on immgrants and workers.

They stopped at the Governor's office before moving on to the rotunda of the building. 
Marching through the building. 

Minnesota has a reputation for being one of the whitest states in the country. This may have been true early in the 20th century but now it couldn't be further from the truth (and it ignores Minnesota's Native American community, that predates, by centuries, European arrivals in the state). Minnesota communities have opened their doors to refugees and immigrants from around the world. In fact the Twin Cities are a very diverse place with thriving immigrant communities from around the world.
Somali immigrants demand housing rights in the rotunda (Glendale is an affordable apartment complex in the Minneapolis suburbs that is being "gentrified" which may push the Somalis out.)
Protesters in the rotunda. 

The march, like the March for Science, was ostensibly non-partisan. But like the March for Science, it was clear for whom the barbs were intended: Trump and Republicans who are making immigrants unwelcome in America. 
An immigrants' rights activist waves a Mexican flag on the steps of the Minnesota State Capitol. 

A boy who attended the march catches snowflakes on his tongue. On May 1, not February 1. It's a Minnesota spring day. 

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