Sunday, January 17, 2016

Morning on the Beach

A man comes out of the surf just after sunrise at Laem Mae Phim Beach in Rayong.

I am not much a beach goer. It seems almost heretical to live in Thailand, which has hundreds of miles of beach, and not go to the beach but that's the way I'm wired. 

Some of Thailand's beaches are notoriously overbuilt (Pattaya, Phuket) and others appeal mostly to hedonists (Koh Phangan) but with so much beach frontage there are bound to be parts that are (relativly) undiscovered.

This weekend we went to one of the relatively undiscovered beaches.  
Waves break over a piece of driftwood on the beach.

A friend of ours got married and we went to the ceremony on Laem Mae Phim Beach in Rayong, about three hours east of Bangkok. The beach was lovely and nearly empty, especially compared to the other beaches I've seen here. 

An islet is silhouetted by sunlight hits the horizon while storm clouds build. 

It rained a little overnight but for me it just meant more dramatic skies in the morning when I went down to the beach to photograph. 

A tourist walks past a beach umbrella. 

A worker cleans a stretch of beach before the day's visitors show up.

There are more photos from Laem Mae Phim in my archive.

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