Saturday, November 14, 2015

Eviction Update 4

A woman in her home while family members pack around her. 

I went back to Wat Kanalaya as soon I returned to Bangkok from Myanmar. I wanted to see what was happening with the evictions and what was left of the community. 
Demolition workers disassemble a home. A month ago a family lived here. 

There are a still a few families living in the area but the community is gone. There was once three small convenience stores that sold soft drinks, snacks and toiletries. They are gone. There was once a row of four food vendors who sold papaya salad, curries and stir fries. They are gone. There was a small park that displayed the children's art work. The park is still there but it's being used to store recyclables from the destroyed homes. There was a small volunteer fire house. It is gone. 
When I was last in the community, in the middle of October, this was a block of six or seven homes. 

Now it looks like a massive storm of some kind tore through the community. Perhaps a tornado or typhoon (neither of which occur in Bangkok), destroying homes and scattering lives. 
A street vendor selling cotton candy and children's toys walks past a demolished house. With the families gone, there is no one left to buy the vendor's products. 

The families left behind are still packing and leaving but the community, the things that make it more than just a collection of homes, are gone. The day is approaching when there will be no one left to photograph. This day was inevitable. From the time I started photographing at Wat Kanalaya I knew it was coming, it's why I started this project. That doesn't make it any less sad.
People pack up their home. 

A gallery of photos from my visit to Wat Kanalaya this week. 
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