Monday, May 5, 2014

Coronation Day

Thais gather in front of the Grand Palace for a candlelight vigil honoring the King.

May 5 is Coronation Day in Thailand. It marks the day in 1950 that he crowned the King of Thailand. He is the world's longest reigning monarch and the longest reigning monarch in Thai history. The Coronation Day holiday is a national holiday in Thailand. Thousands of people come to the palace to show their respect for the King. 

A lot of people wear yellow shirts on Coronation Day (and the King's Birthday) because it's the color of the Monarchy. 
Suthep Thaugsuban (center), leader of the anti-government movement, walks through the crowd near the palace. 

This year the holiday was also marked by anti-government protestors, who came to the palace in huge numbers to show their support for the monarchy. One of the complaints anti-government protestors have with the government is that they feel the government doesn't adequately support the monarchy. Holidays related to the Monarchy (Coronation Day and the King's Birthday) have become political protest days as the Yellow Shirts take to the streets to support His Majesty. 
Ratchadamnoen Ave was crowded with Yellow Shirts supporting the Monarchy. 

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