Thursday, March 13, 2014

Photos from Burma

People at Greg Constantine's show in Bangkok sitting under a photo of Rohingya refugees. 

Bangkok based photographer Greg Constantine has a show in an abandoned bank building in Bangkok. It's a show of his photos of the Burmese Royhingya community, called "Exiled To Nowhere." The pictures are stunning and the setting is really wonderful. 

The show is just a few blocks from the BTS Chong Nonsi or MRT Sam Yan stations, easy walking distance from either. The neighborhood is full of small restaurants and markets. In other words, there's lots to do before or after going to the show. If you're in Bangkok and you're a photographer or interested in history and / or human rights issues you should really try to get to the exhibit. The show will be hanging until March 22, so don't dawdle. 

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