Saturday, July 27, 2013


A man prays before eating the iftar meal at Haroon Mosque in Bangkok

I went back to Haroon Mosque in Bangkok Friday night to photograph iftar, the meal that breaks the day long Ramadan fast. I've been to Haroon Mosque several times and I tried to photograph iftar there a couple of weeks ago. I wasn't very satisfied with my pictures because I spent too much time eating and not enough time photographing. This time I decided I would skip the meal (if possible) to focus on the photography. 

When I got to the mosque, I went back to the kitchen and talked to the dinner's organizer. I asked if I could photograph iftar. He remembered me from my first visit and said that of course I could photograph the meal, but that I should also join them and eat. It was sort of the invitation I'd been dreading because although their food is outstanding and the company really interesting, I discovered that the meal itself is quite short, so I told him that I would like to but that last time I ate too much and didn't photograph enough and so I needed to concentrate on the pictures. He laughed and gave me his blessings to photograph. 

I was happier with the photos this time. The crowd was much smaller, about half the size of the crowd during my first visit, but people were just as gracious and I received just as many invitations to dinner. I did sit and eat a few bites but mostly I photographed the meal. 

There are more photos from Iftar and Thai Muslim life in my archive. 
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