Sunday, November 4, 2012

Eye Candy From Kao Seng

Kao Seng is a Muslim fishing village near the city of Songkhla. It's a little off the beaten path and a lot off the tourist track. I went down there Sunday morning to watch and photograph the fishing boats come in. Except they didn't come in because they never went out. It stormed Saturday night and the seas were too high for the small boats to put out.

Instead of photographing the boats coming in and the catch being off loaded, I photographed people in the village. It worked out pretty well for me because although the boats didn't go out, the storm left beautiful skies and gorgeous light behind.

There's no story or narrative here - just a few photos I liked.

I was walking along the beach and I saw this girl making lunch for her family. I don't think she even saw me until I thanked her for the photo. 

Men fish with casting nets just offshore. 

He was wandering along the beach hunting for clams. 

A fishing boat, one of the few that went out Saturday night, comes back. 

A fisherman coils some of his ropes. 

A boat runs offshore. 

A fisherman walks home after a morning in the surf. 

There are more photos from Kao Seng in my archive.

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