Friday, October 19, 2012

Hurts So Good

A woman who sells guavas in the Bangkok Flower Market gives her coworker a neck massage while they were sorting guavas

I took another run at the flower market this week. I was happy with what I got the first time, but I got there a little late. Even though it was before dawn, some vendors were tearing down as I walked in and I wanted to see the market in full bloom as it were.

So I got up even earlier (the bars on Sukhumvit Road were still open when I left my apartment for the market) and headed out. I got to the market about 4:00AM and the place was in full swing. The street in front of the market was packed with tuk-tuks (the ubiquitous three wheeled taxis seen throughout Thailand) and pickup trucks. Taxis and buses picked their way through the crowd and weaved around food carts, which were doing a brisk business.

I photographed in the market for several hours, made some more photos I liked, and then walked back to the pier and caught a Chao Phraya Express boat back to Central Pier and from there a Skytrain back to my apartment. I got home about 11AM - nearly 8 hours after I left. The bars on Sukhumvit were just reopening.

The new photos, along with the older ones, are in my archive. I added some of the new photos to the slideshow below.