Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Target of Opportunity

I am basically packed for Thailand. Clothes are packed. Cameras are packed. Computers, well they're still in use, so no, they're not packed yet. 

Packing the cameras was a tough call. I don't leave until Tuesday next week but I am also trying to wrap up my work in Phoenix, so I decided to go cold turkey and just put everything away. Everything except my little Panasonic GX1 and its lenses. 

This morning was a part of my "Farewell Tour 2012." I was headed home after visiting with some friends, I looked right as I was turning left and saw members of the Communication Workers of America picketing the CenturyLink (formerly Qwest Communications) offices in central Phoenix. This is the normally the sort of event I would cover with a mix of big cameras and little ones, but all I had was the little ones. So I drove around the block, found a parking spot and put the little camera through its paces. 

It wasn't a great assignment, but it was fun for a few minutes and it was a chance to make a couple of photos. 

There are more photos of pickets in my archive