Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Reaching Across the Aisle

CC Goldwater, granddaughter of Republican icon Barry Goldwater, talks to Richard Carmona in Barry Goldwater Memorial Park Wednesday morning. Carmona is a Democrat running for the US Senate. 

With the pesky primaries out of the way, the candidates are apply to focus on November's general election. One of the most interesting races in Arizona will be the US Senate seat being vacated by the retiring Jon Kyl. Jeff Flake, a long serving member of the House of Representatives, is running on the Republican side, and Carmona, a former Surgeon General, former Green Beret and former SWAT officer, is running on the Democratic side. Carmona, a genuine war hero, has an amazing resume, Flake has name recognition and a long history in Washington. Arizona is a very red state and Flake would seem to have the early advantage. But if Carmona can mobilize Democratic leaning constituencies like Hispanics and Native Americans and women turned off by the GOP platform and some of their comments on rape, he could score an upset. 

And that's where Carmona's press conference earlier today comes into play. With Barry Goldwater's daughter, granddaughter and great grandson standing by his side, Carmona announced that many of the Goldwater family were crossing the aisle to support the Democrat. 

There are more photos from the endorsement announcement in my archive