Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It's Official: Jeff Flake is the Nominee

Jeff Flake, the newly minted candidate for US Senate, poses for photos with supporters at his home in Mesa this evening. 

Arizona held its primary election this evening. For many races, the primary election is the general election. Many of Arizona's legislative districts are not very competitive, and most of them favor Republicans, so whoever wins the primary skates through the general. 

Jeff Flake had to get past Wil Cardon in the Republican primary before he faces Richard Carmona in November's general election. 

Cardon is a political new comer. Flake is a veteran, having served in the US House of Representatives since the 1990's. The Flake family has deep roots in Arizona - the town of Snowflake is named after a relative, and the late Jake Flake, one of the most powerful speakers of the Arizona House of Representatives, was Jeff's uncle. In the end it wasn't close. Flake won and faces Carmona in November.