Thursday, August 16, 2012


A DREAMer listens to speakers at the Arizona Capitol Wednesday. 

DREAM Act (DREAM is an acronym for Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors) supporters marched on the Arizona Capitol Wednesday afternoon after Gov Jan Brewer issued an executive order that would deny any public benefits to young people who otherwise qualify for "deferred action" because of their immigration status. The order would deny driver's licenses, in state tuition breaks for colleges and universities or any other public benefits to these young people who make up an important part of Arizona's cultural landscape. 

Across the country, Wednesday was a happy day. Thousands of people lined up in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and other places. 

But Brewer's action dampened spirits in Arizona. Instead celebrating, Arizona young people went back to the streets, chanting in military cadence, "We are the DREAMERS, the mighty, mighty DREAMERS" and "Yes, yes to education. No, no to deportation!" 

Brewer's action shouldn't have taken anyone by surprise. As Governor, she has relished every opportunity to metaphorically stick her finger in President Obama's eye

In January, she famously wagged her finger at the President while she scolded him. After the Supreme Court struck down most of SB1070, Arizona's tough anti-immigrant law, Brewer told the nation that the President told Arizona to "Drop dead." Every time an immigration issue comes up, Brewer doubles down on the side of the white right in an effort to strengthen her Tea Party credentials. This was no exception and the students' reaction, marching to the Capitol was equally predictable. 

There are more photos of the DREAMERS' march in my archive