Saturday, August 4, 2012

And He Also Wants to be Our Senator

Wil Cardon (left) waits to speak at a campaign appearance in Gilbert Friday night. 

Arizona's primary season is entering the home stretch. Early ballots arrived in mail boxes this week and the actual election is August 28, so the candidates are doing all they can to connect with voters. Cardon is facing Jeff Flake for the US Senate seat being vacated by Jon Kyl (R-AZ).

I really enjoy covering politics, especially at this level. It can be hard to get a handle on the candidates' schedules because they're not usually doing big public rallies. Instead, they're meeting voters in private homes in groups of 10 to 20 (although there were nearly 100 people in the home in Gilbert to hear Cardon and Matt Salmon, a former Congressman running to get back into Congress) talk about the issues. The scope of the events tend to be more freewheeling and open. And access, the most important thing for a photographer is great. There's no back room for the candidates to escape to - they walk in the front door and are "on" the instant they arrive. Most of the photography is done with wider lenses - my 24, 40 and 50 and you're close enough that using a telephoto, like the 200, gives a very nice, very tight, image of the candidate's face.

The only downside is that it's normally quite dark - we're in a person's living room, not a professionally lit venue - but that's a small price to pay for a chance to see how the political process really works. (And, with modern digital cameras that can work at ISO 3200 or higher even the relative dark is not much of a problem.)

There are more photos from the Cardon - Salmon campaign event in my archive.