Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Vigil for Manning

A protester speaks out in support of Army PFC Bradley Manning during a vigil for Manning in central Phoenix Wednesday

This is my first full week of unemployment. Everything I've read indicated that it's important to stay busy and on a schedule when you're unemployed, so when I learned that members of CodePink and others were going to hold for a vigil for Bradley Manning I went downtown to photograph it. 

It was kind of liberating. When you photograph an event for a newspaper, you're expected to shoot to meet the paper's style, which is understandable since the newspaper is the one paying you to be at the event.

But when you're photographing an event for yourself, or to keep your skills fresh to help in a job search, you're free to shoot to please only yourself.

I'm not sure this picture would have been accepted at the paper I used to work at. Newspapers generally prefer "straight" photos from protests. One photo that more or less sets the scene. A picture that has a sense of place, shows the number of people in attendance and has a human face in it. A picture that repeats all of the factual information in the story, but doesn't add too much to that. This doesn't have any of that but I like it because it's different and still captures what the protest is about. 

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