Thursday, June 21, 2012

Still Waiting on the Court

Immigrants' rights activists pray at the State Capitol Thursday. 

The wait continues at the State Capitol. The Supreme Court was expected to rule on US v. Arizona, the Department of Justice lawsuit against Arizona for SB1070, earlier this week but didn't. Then they were expected to rule today. And didn't. 

Of course, whether or not they're "expected" to rule really depends on who you talk to. Only the Court really knows when it's going to rule something, and they don't generally share their schedule in advance, so when people say the court is "expected" to rule on something, they're really either 1) guessing the court will rule or 2) hoping the court will rule. In this case the guessing and hoping was for naught. Now the next day the court could rule on SB1070 is Monday. Or maybe Wednesday.

The ruling on 1070 is one of two rulings that will create a buzz and impact politics nationally. The other is the lawsuit determining the constitutionality of the health care reform act passed in 2010. I think the health care suit is of more importance nationally, but almost everyone in Arizona, whether they're for 1070 or against 1070, is waiting on the US v. Arizona. The crowd at the capitol, which so far has been unanimously opposed to 1070, is growing every day the ruling is delayed. 

There were only about 20 people there Monday and I was the only journalist there for most of the morning. Today there were 40 people there and almost every media outlet in town had at least one crew or person there. When I left the capitol, several TV networks were setting up anchor stations, presumably for Monday's newscasts. 

There are more photos from today's vigil, and events revolving around SB1070, in my archive