Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Sign of the Times

A woman paints a sign in anticipation of the Occupy Phoenix demonstration planned for next weekend. 

The movement started by the folks who occupied Wall Street last month is making its way across the country. Next week, the movement is coming to Phoenix. Organizers of the Occupy Phoenix protest are planning a march next Friday evening that will wind through downtown, stopping at the large banks that are special objects of the protestors anger, before going to Cesar Chavez Plaza near City Hall for a rally that will start a weekend of actions in downtown. 

The Occupy movement caught a lot of people by surprise. They were barely covered by the so called "main stream media" at first and a lot of people outside the movement don't seem to know what the demonstrators want. 

I thought the New York Times' Paul Krugman had the most interesting analysis when he said in a recent column that the occupy movement was like a left wing Tea Party, except that unlike THE Tea Party, which  supports large banks (or at least opposes regulations on those banks) the participants of the Occupy movement were angry at the right people - large banks and corporate officials who pocket huge profits and guarantee large salaries for corporate officers, (in the US, corporate CEOs make 450 TIMES the average salary of their regular workers). The protestors are angry because CEOs and high ranking corporate officials pocket large bonuses while cutting pay for regular workers and in many cases, laying workers off. The real surprise is why people didn't rise up in anger sooner than this.