Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Aerobics with an Edge

A woman in Lumpini Park in central Bangkok, goes through her morning aerobics routine with a sword. 

I went to Lumphini Park, in Bangkok, to photograph people doing Tai-Chi one morning. The park is a haven, 142 acres of green space in the midst of Bangkok's concrete and asphalt surfaces.

It's packed early in the mornings, when it's a little cooler, with people jogging, doing Tai-Chi, yoga and even karaoke. I photographed a couple of groups of women exercising when one group started working out with very large swords. It was fun. 

We used to play in the park when we were kids here in the 1960's. It's just a couple of blocks from an apartment we lived in at the corner of Wireless Road and Phloen Chit. The apartment building is still there, but not much else remains from 1969. The childhood time contrasted with the time I was in the park last year with Thai troops while they attacked Red Shirt civilians camped in and around the park. There are no reminders left of those bloody days last May.

There are more photos of Tai-Chi exercises in the park in my archive and available from ZUMA Press.