Saturday, May 28, 2011


Comicon is in Phoenix this weekend. The modern scourge of Zombies comes with the fun of folks reenacting their favorite Star Wars scenes, living the life of the Ghost Busters or just doing their civic duty as Super Heros
Last night Zombies went on a rampage through downtown Phoenix. The Walking Dead, or as the Brits call them “Mobile Deceased,” terrorized the placid denizens of downtown. 
But payback’s a bitch. This year the Zombie hoard was pursued by Zombie hunters who either killed them outright (head shots are particularly effective) or chained them and led them away to reintegrate them into society. Rumor has it that Arizona zombies are being housed in a private prison near the state capitol.
There are more photos from Phoenix Comicon and the Zombies in my archive or available from ZUMA Press.