Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

Members of the Parade of Colors march into the Memorial Day service at the National Memorial Cemetery in Phoenix Monday. 
Today is Memorial Day, the day we’ve set aside as a nation to honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in service to the United States. 
We’ve been embroiled in two wars for almost 10 years now and most Americans have not had to make any significant sacrifices. A relatively small percentage of the population enlists in the military any more and civilians, safe in the homeland, can go weeks without hearing about what’s happening in Afghanistan or Iraq. But the media keeps us up to date with Charlie Sheen’s and Lindsey Lohan’s latest antics and Donald Trump’s latest blow hard pronouncements. 
During past wars Congress and the administrations had to raise taxes to pay for the war, but this is not the political atmosphere to try and raise taxes, so the true cost of these wars will be pushed onto future generations. 
There are more photos from the Memorial Day service in my archive and available from ZUMA Press