Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fear of Government Groping

About 30 people, including the gentleman above, picketed the entrance to Terminal 4 at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix Wednesday to protest against the Transportation Security Administration’s use of relatively new body scanner x-ray machines and more aggressive, intrusive “pat downs” for people who either decline or fail the body scans. The protest was prompted by a customer who allegedly warned a TSA agent not to “touch his junk.” 

There were supposed to be protests across the country but they largely fizzled out. In Phoenix, a few people picketed the concourse and a few more picketed the front of the terminal. The protesters didn’t delay any flights or cause any backups at security checkpoints. But the semi-nude ones did amuse some travelers. 

There are more photos from the “opt out” protest in my archive or available fromZUMA Press.