Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Remembering Daniel

A woman holds up a candle during a candlelight vigil and protest at the Phoenix police department this evening. 
A week ago Daniel Rodriguez got into an argument with his mother at their trailer home in Phoenix. His mom called 911 and the Phoenix police department dispatched two officers. 
According to court documents and an account in the New Times, Rodriguez, who was unarmed, struggled with the officers. When Rodriguez objected to the officers’ presence in his trailer, one of them, Robert Chrisman, allegedly held a gun to Rodriguez’ head and said, “I don’t need no warrant motherf@@*er.” Rodriguez struggled with the officers, Chrisman used a Taser on him, which put Rodriguez on the floor of the trailer. When Rodriguez got up, Chrisman pepper sprayed him in the face. Then Chrisman apparently turned and shot Rodriguez dog, which had been barking but not attacking or biting, which angered Rodriguez. 
The second officer tried to calm the situation and Rodriguez tried to leave on his bicycle but Rodriguez and Chrisman continued to argue. Chrisman then allegedly shot Rodriguez “three or four times” from about three feet away. Chrisman has been arrested on felony assault charges. 
The Latino community is incensed by Chrisman’s actions. They want the officer charged with murder. They are holding nightly vigils and protests at the Phoenix police headquarters. Monday night about 300 people attended the protest. 
There are more photos of the protest in my archive and available from ZUMA Press.