Monday, October 4, 2010

It's All About the Kids

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (center) walks around the parking lot at Maricopa Medical Center in Phoenix Monday morning accompanied by a bunch of kids and hospital staff. Their short saunter was to mark Brewer’s declaration that October 4 would be Arizona Child Health Day.  
Brewer became Arizona’s governor in 2009 when President Obama asked then Governor Janet Napolitano to be his Secretary of Homeland Security and is running for governor in her own right. Napolitano is a Democrat, Brewer a Republican. Napolitano stood up to some of the extremists in Arizona’s GOP controlled state legislature. Brewer has not (she signed SB 1070). When Arizona’s budget hit the crisis stage, Brewer looked for cuts everywhere and settled on some social programs, like All Day Kindergarten, and KidsCare, the state’s popular health insurance program for uninsured and under insured children
The irony was not lost on the reporters at the event. Their first question for the Governor was about the irony of hosting a children’s health event while curtailing children’s health insurance. Brewer didn’t have an answer for the question, instead choosing to criticize her opponent for politicizing children’s health insurance. Another irony considering Brewer has staked part of her campaign on politicizing and opposing President Obama’s health care plan. 
There are more photos from the event available in my archive or from ZUMA Press.