Thursday, September 2, 2010

What, Me Worry?

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio enjoys a laugh after a press conference in downtown Phoenix. The press conference was called by the organization Ban Amnesty Now (BAN), a group that supports Arizona SB 1070 and is raising money to support the bill. BAN had hoped to talk about keeping the 2011 MLB All Star Game in Phoenix, but reporters wanted to ask about a US Department of Justice lawsuit filed against Arpaio and about outrageous (and completely untrue) claims by Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer that Arizona law enforcement has found “headless bodies” in the desert south of Phoenix. 
The press conference quickly degenerated into a free for all. The reporters stayed on Arpaio about the DoJ suit, and State Sen. Russell Pearce about the “headless bodies” statement. When someone from BAN took the mic and said “This is our press conference!” A reporter shouted back, “But they’re our questions!” 
Arpaio played the role of the aggrieved party, claiming he didn’t understand why the DoJ is suing him, while Pearce refused to directly answer questions about the “Headless Bodies” canard. It was the most entertaining press conference I’ve been to in years.