Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Final Farewell for a Fallen Hero

Chandler Police Detective Carlos Ledesma was killed on July 28 during an undercover drug sting that went horribly wrong and turned into a three way shoot out between Chandler detectives and rival gangs of drug dealers. Detective Ledesma was laid to rest this morning. 
Media access to the funeral was severely restricted because Ledesma was an undercover detective. Still photographers were not allowed in either the church or cemetery and we were asked not to photograph Ledesma’s coworkers or family members. (There was a live TV feed, but “minders” from the Chandler Police Department controlled the feed.) So we were left to photograph the funeral cort├ęge and mourners who lined the side of the road. 
These people waited in front of the church in 100˚+ heat for two hours to show Det. Ledesma their respect.