Wednesday, July 14, 2010

He Wants to be Our Senator

JD Hayworth is the “Consistent Conservative” running in the Republican primary against Senator John McCain’s for the Senate seat held by McCain. Hayworth spoke to a group of about 50 people at a Tea Party function in a meeting room at the Ramada Inn in Peoria. 

Hayworth’s campaign started with a bang last spring but he’s been relatively quiet this summer. McCain, who’s been the victim of dirty campaigns (notably in the 2000 election when the Bush campaign suggested McCain had fathered a black child) hasn’t wasted any time going negative against Hayworth, calling him a “huckster” and digging up old TV spots where Hayworth, a critic of government waste, in late night infomercials pitching free government money to people who bought into the spiel. That was followed by an ad where Hayworth’s response to the infomercial was “caveat emptor,” buyer beware. 

The ads seem to be working. Hayworth supporters have confronted McCain at rallies and asked him to stop running the TV spots. Even Hayworth’s wife has chimed in, filming an ad where she says “John McCain should be ashamed.”

For his part, McCain counters that the ads are true and the truth is the ultimate defence

There are more photos of Hayworth’s event in Peoria in my archive and available fromZUMA Press.