Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mop Up on the Fire Line

A “hot shot” crew does mop up work at the Schultz Fire near Flagstaff, AZ, this afternoon. 
The fire started late Sunday morning when a camper apparently left a fire untended. It blew up to more than 8,000 acres by Sunday night and by this evening it had expanded to more than 14,000 acres. 
Arizona’s high country got a lot of snow this winter. All that moisture led to ample weed and brush growth. But it hasn’t rained in the high country since the snow melted and now the weeds are drying out, which creates fuels for wildfires. 
The Schultz Fire initially started near homes on the northeast side of Flagstaff. About 1,000 homes were evacuated Sunday (the evacuation order is expected to be lifted Wednesday morning). Firefighters were very aggressive in their initial attack and while the fire burned into within a few feet of homes, no structures were destroyed. 
There are several fires burning around Flagstaff. It hasn’t rained in weeks, there haven’t been in the thunderstorms or lightening strikes this spring. Which means all these fires are human caused. People leaving camp fires untended. In other words, stupidity.  
There are more photos from the photos from the fire in my archive.