Thursday, February 18, 2010

Let the Games Begin

JD Hayworth, former TV sports anchor, former Republican Congressman from the Phoenix suburbs and former right wing radio talk show host, is hoping to become a current US Senator. He’s thrown his hat into the ring in the Republican primary against long serving US Senator John McCain, who has represented Arizona in Washington since 1982. 
McCain has a reputation for being a “maverick” who occasionally reaches across the aisle to Democrats. He sponsored climate change legislation with Joe Lieberman (back when Lieberman was still a Democrat) and immigration reform legislation with the late Ted Kennedy. McCain, a former Prisoner of War and victim of torture, has spoken out against torture.  
Hayworth, on the other hand, is a take no prisoners hard core conservative who thinks compromise is a weakness, climate change a myth, deporting undocumented immigrants is the answer to the immigration issue and has no problems torturing people captured on the field of battle. He casts himself in the Ronald Reagan mold of conservatism and invokes Reagan’s name during his campaign appearances. Hayworth is very popular with the Tea Party movement and has appeared at several of their events.  
The two men intensely dislike each other. McCain is quick to bring up the fact that Hayworth, the hard core right wing conservative (who some call “Foghorn Leghorn”), lost his seat in Congress to a moderate Democrat. Hayworth spent the last year using his radio stint on KFYI blasting McCain. I think the race between the two professional politicians could be the most interesting primary battle in the country this year. The winner will, almost certainly, win in November in reliably Republican Arizona. 
There are more photos of both Hayworth and McCain in my PhotoShelter archive and available from ZUMA Press

JD Hayworth Campaign - Images by Jack Kurtz